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Kashmir Wanderlust: Tales and Trails Less Travelled

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As you set foot in Kashmir, you're greeted not just by the crisp mountain air, but also the warm embrace of its people, a gentle prelude to the symphony of experiences that await. Known as "Paradise on Earth," this gem located in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent is more than its postcard-perfect vistas; it's a tapestry of cultural nuances, historic treasures, and stories woven into its majestic landscapes. As a local, I invite you to journey beyond the typical tourist brochure highlights and delve into the heart and soul of my homeland.

1. A Canvas of Natural Splendor:

Srinagar: The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, is a paradise redefined. Home to the famous Dal Lake, a shikara ride here is a quintessential Kashmiri experience. But there’s more; explore the old city's labyrinth, where history speaks from every brick, visit the Shankaracharya Temple, and don’t miss the Mughal Gardens, a testament to the love Mughal emperors harbored for this land.

Gulmarg: A meadow of flowers as its name suggests, Gulmarg is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. In winters, the slopes come alive with skiers and snowboarders challenging the Himalayan peaks, while summers offer lush green landscapes perfect for trekking and gondola rides.

Pahalgam: This serene town offers mesmerizing views of Lidder River and Betaab Valley. It’s an ideal spot for fishing, golfing, trekking, and simply soaking in the beauty of untouched nature.

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